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Conservation and Environment

Protecting Pollinators

The Lombard Garden Club provides habitats for our endangered pollinators. The Lilacia Park Butterfly Garden and the Sheldon Peck Homestead Garden are full of pollinator-friendly plants. Both gardens have received prestigious local and National awards.

We encourage our members to plant milkweed and native plants to promote pollinator breeding and feeding in Illinois. The club partners with the Dupage Monarch Project and is participating in the Monarch Joint Venture.



Recycling conserves energy, reduces air and water pollution, reduces greenhouse gases, and conserves our natural resources. The Lombard Garden Club is committed to doing our best to keep pollutants out of our local environment.

The Conservation and Environment Committee helps our members to recycle styrofoam, batteries, junk mail, books, and used garden pots. We have partnered with Scarce, a local environmental organization to try to keep hard-to-recycle items out of landfills and our groundwater. We’ve donated school supplies that are made available to teachers, and schools by Scarce, as well.

As our recycling efforts continue each month, bag upon bag of waste is dispersed to various recycling centers in our area, helping to keep the recyclables out of our garbage and landfill system. The entire Lombard Garden Club endorses and participates in this endeavor.